Have You Had An Outstanding Professor at UNC Charlotte?
We Want To Hear About It!

The Bank of America Award for Teaching Excellence is one of the most important and prestigious traditions at UNC Charlotte.  And beginning this year, the UNC Charlotte Award for Teaching Excellence will also continue that prestigious tradition. These two awards honor outstanding teachers on our campus and provide an example of the University‚Äôs commitment to excellence in teaching.

The Teaching Excellence Awards Committee is seeking nominations for the 2019 Awards through Thursday, November 15, 2018.

The committee depends upon your recommendation as part of the identification process.  Please nominate someone you wish more teachers were like. 

Besides the professor's name, what else should be included with a nomination?

  • Positive aspects of classroom instruction (instructional style, methods, creativity, expertise, technology, testing/grading)
  • How the instructor reaches students or stimulates students' desire to learn
  • Activities outside of the classroom (advising, mentoring, coaching) that make the nominee an effective teacher by going above and beyond his/her teaching duties
  • Other personal and professional attributes that makes the professor outstanding
  • Specific examples of how the professor has affected your education at UNC Charlotte

Send your nomination!