Recipients and Finalists

2017 TBD  
  Honored as Finalists:  
  Michèle Bissière Languages and Culture Studies
  Scott Fitzgerald Sociology
  Amy Good Reading and Elementary Education
  Kirk Melnikoff English
  Coral Wayland Anthropology
2016 Matthew Davies Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science
  Honored as Finalists:  
  Anita Blanchard Psychology
  Jae Emerling Art and Art History
  Janos Gergely Civil and Environmental Engineering
  Daniel Jones Chemistry
2015 Stanley Schneider Biological Sciences
  Honored as Finalists:  
  John Beattie Special Education and Child Development
  Moutaz Khouja
Business Information Systems and Operations Management
Mohamed Shehab
Software and Information Systems
Beth Whitaker
Political Science and Public Administration
2014 Tracy Rock Reading and Elementary Education
  Honored as Finalists:  
  Anita Blowers Criminal Justice and Criminology
  Jonathan Crane Communication Studies
  Fumie Kato Languages and Culture Studies
  Debra C. Smith Africana Studies
2013 Kimberly Buch Psychology
  Honored as Finalists:  
  Louis (Ted) Amato Economics
  John David Smith History
  Hui-Kuan (Alice) Tseng Economics
  Mark West English
2012 Joanne Robinson Religious Studies
  Honored as Finalists:  
  Anabel Aliaga-Buchenau Languages and Culture Studies
  Sunil Erevelles Marketing
  Hal Jaus Reading and Elementary Education
  Michael Turner Kinesiology
2011 Howard Godfrey Accounting
  Honored as Finalists:  
  Yogendra Kakad Electrical and Computer Engineering
  Jack Piel Reading and Elementary Education
  Gregg Starrett Anthropology
  David Thaddeus Architecture
2010 Jeffrey Price Music
  Honored as Finalists:  
  Matthew Davies Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science
  Janos Gergely Civil and Environmental Engineering
  Jeanneine Jones Middle, Secondary, and K-12 Education
  Beth Whitaker Political Science
2009 Charles Burnap Mathematics and Statistics
  Honored as Finalists:  
  Richard Lejk Computer Science
  James Lyons Educational Leadership
  Patrick Moyer Physics and Optical Science
  Lori Van Wallendael Psychology
2008 Margaret (Meg) Morgan English
  Honored as Finalists:  
  Louis (Ted) Amato Economics
  Banita Brown Chemistry
  Michael Hudson Biology
  Zbigniew Ras Computer Science
2007 Helene Hilger Civil and Environmental Engineering
  Honored as Finalists:  
  Harold H. Jaus Reading and Elementary Education
  Ronald A. Madsen Economics
  Jordan C. Poler Chemistry
  Coral Wayland Anthropology
2006 James McGavran English
  Honored as Finalists:  
  Beth Bjerregaard Criminal Justice
  Yogendra P. Kakad Electrical and Computer Engineering
  W. Scott Terry Psychology
  Karen Wood Reading and Elementary Education
2005 William C. Gay Philosophy
  Honored as Finalists:  
  Charles A. Burnap Mathematics
  Claudia P. Flowers Educational Leadership
  Walter E. Martin Geography & Earth Sciences
  Pamela A. Sofras Dance & Theatre
2004 Lawrence G. Calhoun Psychology
  Honored as Finalists:  
  David Amante English
  Lienne Edwards Nursing
  Harold Jaus Education
  Alan Shao Marketing
2003 Tyrel G. Moore Geography
  Honored as Finalists:  
  John R. Beattie Special Education
  Susan R. Furr Counseling
  Delia L. Neil Dance
  Thomas H. Stevenson Marketing
2002 Gary F. Kohut Management
  Honored as Finalists:  
  Nancy L. Cooke Special Education
   Bernadette Donovan-Merkert Chemistry
  Donna R. Gabaccia American History
  Michael A. Pearson* Sociology
  * posthumously  
2001 Linda A. Berne Health Promotion and Kinesiology
  Honored as Finalists:  
  Kimberly A. Buch Psychology
  Sandra Y. Govan English
  John A. Piel Education
  David R.I. Walters Architecture
2000 Laura Duhan Kaplan Philosophy & Women's Studies
  Honored as Finalists:  
  Linda A. Moore Nursing
  Tyrel G. Moore Geography
  Stanley S. Schneider Biology
  Karen D. Wood Education
1999 Robert E. Guinn Accounting
  Honored as Finalists:  
  John R. Beattie Special Education
  David C. Royster Mathematics
  Richard G. Tedeschi Psychology
  Farid M. Tranjan Electrical Engineering
1998 Owen J. Furuseth Geography
  Honored as Finalists:  
  Linda A. Berne Health Promotion and Kinesiology
  Bennie H. Nunnally, Jr. Finance
  Daniel L. Shealy English
  James D. Tabor Religious Studies
1997 Cynthia C. Combs Political Science
  Honored as Finalists:  
  Roderick M. MacKillop Art
  Margaret P. Morgan English
  Ronald S. Ostrowski Biology
  Phyllis B. Post Education
1996 Edward B. St. Clair Religious Studies
  Honored as Finalists:  
  Robert L. Barret Education
  Kimberly L. Buch Psychology
  William C. Gay Philosophy
  Katherine Stephenson French
1995 Ann M. Newman Nursing
  Honored as Finalists:  
  Mary Thomas Burke Human Services
  Charles A. Burnap Mathematics
  James H. McGavran English
  Thomas H. Stevenson Marketing
1994 J. Dennis Lord Geography
  Honored as Finalists:  
  Roger G. Brown Political Science
  Robert E. Guinn Accounting
  Kingston W. Heath Architecture
  James D. Oliver Biology
1993 Samuel D. Watson, Jr. English
  Honored as Finalists:  
  Arnie A. Cann, Jr. Psychology
  Iris B. Carlton-LaNey Social Work
  Ronald A. Gestwicki Religious Studies
  T. Lawrence Mellichamp Biology
1992 Sallie M. Ives Geography
  Honored as Finalists:  
  Cheryl L. Brown Political Science
  Iris B. Carlton-LaNey Social Work
  Daryl L. Kerr Management
  Mary Beth Thomas Biology
1991 Rajaram Janardhanam Civil Engineering
1990 Ira W. Hutchison Sociology
1989 Dennis D. Dorin Political Science
  Harold B. Reiter Mathematics
1988 Anita W. Moss English
  Stella M. Nkomo Business Administration
1987 Surasakdi Bhamornsiri Accounting
1986 Edward W. Hopper Spanish
  Deborah M. Langsam Biology
1985 John M. Lincourt Philosophy
  Albert A. Maisto Psychology
1984 Harry I. Chernotsky Political Science
  Edward G. Malmgren Accounting
1983 Harold Josephson History
  Louis A. Trosch Business Administration
1982 Robert J. Coleman Electrical Engineering
  Nancy C. Edwards Biology
1981 T. Michael Corwin Physics
  Miriam A. Leiva Mathematics
1980 Stephen A. Jolly Accounting
  Vera M. Smith Nursing
1979 Robert B. Conrad Business Administration
  Lyman L. Johnson History
1978 Edward S. Perzel History
  James W. Selby Psychology
1977 Boyd H. Davis English
  Stephen M. Fishman Philosophy
1976 Douglas L. Grimsley Psychology
  Anne R. Newman English
1975 R. Eric Anderson Art
  Marvin C. Armstrong, Jr. Human Development and Learning
  James C. Crosthwaite Chemistry
1974 David M. Bayer Urban and Environmental Engineering
  William J. McCoy Political Science
  E. Lorraine Penninger Library
1973 Robert H. Gibson Chemistry
  Douglas M. Orr, Jr. Geography
1972 Sherman L. Burson, Jr. Chemistry
  James F. Matthews Biology
  Thomas C. Turner Accounting
1971 William A. Dailey Music
  Barbara A. Goodnight Sociology
  Nish Jamgotch, Jr. Political Science
1970 Elinor B. Caddell Nursing
  Dan L. Morrill History
1969 Mary R. Embry Mathematics
  Roy C. Moose English
  Loy H. Witherspoon Religious Studies
1968 Seth H. Ellis English